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Author of spiritual and inspirational journals, coloring books, and spiritual fiction.

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Shannon's Story

Shannon is a wife, mother of six, and grandmother of two very bubbly granddaughters. She has a heart for God, is deeply passionate about family, and lives by the mantra, "My response is my responsibility." Shannon believes in and trusts the word of God and is so thankful to God for His mercy and grace. She has been healed by God on multiple occasions and has seen the power of God work on behalf of those she loves and cares for. Even after losing her daughter Brittany, her firstborn, she still trusts God. The journey has not been easy, but she continues to believe. She continues to give thanks for the children she still has to love and be loved by. She continues to be grateful for her entire family. Because of her experiences, Shannon understands the power of prayer and how prayer truly can change situations and circumstances.


Shannon is also deeply passionate about marriage. She and her husband David were the leaders of their church's marriage ministry for several years before passing the torch to another very loving couple who will take the ministry to the next level.


Shannon and David love to travel, especially with family. Their favorite destinations include Puerto Rico, Belize, and the Dominican Republic. Basically anywhere you find beautiful blue water. They pray for a long, happy, and healthy life together so they can continue to build on their friendship and marriage and continue to watch their family grow.


Shannon holds a bachelor's degree in business and information technology and is a self-taught cake artist. Although her cake shop, Sweet Tooth Creations, is no longer open she still loves to bake for the family on special occasions.

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